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Air Cooler
Air Cooler
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-4 new-tech copper pipes will dissipate CPU heat with maximum efficiency.
-The direct-touch technology helps the heat pipes to absorb CPU heat more efficiently.
-The heat sink’s larger surface area assists with faster heat release.
-The 120mm PWM fan maintains a perfect noise-performance balance.
-The fan includes 4 blue LEDs, providing bright and well-balanced lighting.
-The brand-new heat-resistant mounting kit makes GAMMAXX 400 V2(Blue) easier and safer to use.


♦4 high high-performance pure copper heat pipes
♦Core Touch Technology 
♦Iconic black top cover
♦Additional Dissipation Fins 
♦Blue LED Fans
♦All New Mounting Tools 

  • Small in size with height of 137mm, using 92mm fan.
  • Powerful performance, Compact fin design + powerful fan makes it capable to support chipsets up to TDP 130W.
  • Offcenter heatsink structure to avoid interference with RAM.
  • 4*Ф6 mm heatpipes directly in contact with CPU, absorbing and dissipating the heat more efficiently.
  • Special backplate bracket and metal adapter frame makes the mounting easy and structure strong.

The classic twin-tower design of the Fuma 2 is not centered directly above the CPU socket, but offset by inclined heatpipes. This asymmetrical design provides maximum space for the memory banks. Also the cooling fins of the second tower are aligned in such a way that even memory banks on both sides of the CPU socket can be operated without problems, without restricting the effectiveness of the heat sink. Despite the enormous cooling surface of the Fuma 2 remains at a height of 154.5 mm and fits into any standard PC case.

  • The compact Kotetsu Mark II CPU-Cooler offers many improvements over its predecessor.
  • Features include: a height of only 154mm, asymmetric heatsink design for maximum memory and graphics card compatibility, an optimized and easy-to-install mounting system, as well as a 120mm fan from the award winning Kaze Flex 120mm PWM series.
  • Four nickel-plated heatpipes and a embossed topplate provide an appealing and sophisticated look. In summary, the Kotetsu Mark II offers a convincing overall concept at a low price.